Jenee (BubblesHeart)

Hi!!!! Its me, Jenee, sometimes known as Bubbles, also sometimes known as . . . . nevermind. At any rate, I'm here with my alter ego who governs my every move, word, thought, or deed, and we welcome you to my . . . errrr . . . our Queendom. I live in beautiful, gloriously cool San Francisco with a lovely Silky Terrier named Angel. I love to travel, most frequently to Tanzania (see recent photos below) and Paris. I speak French, am interested in politics (left/progressive), like movies, reading, Pilates, walking the dog, gardening, swimming & playing in the water, and exploring places, old and new. I enjoy most types of music (except country), am easily amused, and hate housework. Oh, and I work for a living. At any rate, please enjoy my photos from my most recent and fantastic trip to Tanzania (December 2008). I'm a very lucky gal!! Don't be afraid to rank or comment on my photos--have fun!! and remember . . . don't let the bastards get you down. See you in the trenches!!